Viñales: "A destination that you can not miss!"

That Cuba is opening up to the world is nothing new, but people know little more than the decadent and charming city of Havana and the beaches of Varadero. To discover its lesser known side you have to visit the valley of Viñales, where the farmers continue plowing the land with oxen in a place protected by the Unesco. You can go hiking, walking, horseback riding or biking to explore the fantastic mogotes (rock formations) and then drop into a sunbed on a porch and daydream before giving good account of a homemade meal in the house where one stays. The most wonderful thing about the main city of Viñales is that you can not only relax sitting in a rocking chair on the porch of the particular house where you stay, and see passing oxen and ploughs, you can also participate in all kinds of activities in this landscape protected by the Un Esco. You can hire a guide and go hiking, horseback riding or biking through the mogotes (rock formations) and enjoy the views of the valleys. Then it’s a good idea to cool off by swimming in a cave before sitting back in the rocking chair with a cold beer in hand and the Cuban son coming from the bars in the air. The day ends with a dinner in the house (almost all hosts take very seriously the quality of their meals), based on grilled chicken or lobster, accompanied by traditional dishes such as rice with black beans and plantain. When you want to change scenery, drive 60 km to the northwest to Cayo Hutias. This long white sand beach, which is reached by a causeway between mangroves, is an excellent day trip from Viñales. There is little infrastructure (there are no hotels, only a couple of restaurants) and, as in Viñales, you can choose between practicing some activity (like scuba diving and kayaking) or lying down and doing nothing. Even with the prospect of a tourist boom, Viñales will retain its traditional charm and slow pace of life. Together with Havana They are the perfect combination for a trip of contrasts by Cuba, ideal for American citizens, for whom this fascinating country is more accessible than ever. The limestones of the Viñales Valley reach 300 m high and are ideal for the most experienced climbers, with many limestone ledges and columns of volcanic tuff. A quieter experience is to visit a tobacco plantation, learn to roll a cigar and sit in the rocking chair. Within the sinuous landscape the traveler will be struck by the jams of oxen and ploughs with horses and carts, led by Guajiros who smoke cigars. Do not miss this great opportunity! Book NOW!  [Maxbutton id = “2”] 

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