Horseback Riding: 12 body and mind benefits

Horseback riding is, for many, a hobby, a time of fun that is usually done on vacation. Giving rides up to these animals by the Sierras or by the sea has its charm. But that’s not the end of it. The use of the horse for the rehabilitation of physically or mentally handicapped people, called Hippotherapy, is its most well-known side. But it also has another, less popular side that allows you to get in shape, thanks to benefits for the body and the mind.

Nuria Gómez, therapist of the Hippotherapy Association as a therapy, listed the newspaper El País, of Spain, 12 physical and psychological benefits that this discipline brings.

“The great differentiating element of this sport against other disciplines is the interaction with the animal, which makes it an even more attractive activity. In addition, riding has great advantages over the body for those who practice it, “Gómez said.

Let’s see what it’s all about:

Madona is one of the famous ones who perform horseback riding to keep fit.

Physical benefits

1. It improves the vertical and horizontal equilibrium.

2. The trunk is kept upright, which favors the control of the posture and helps to correct it.

3. It regulates the muscular tone and, in addition, the fact that the horse has a higher temperature than that of the human being favors the blood circulation.

4. It decreases spasticity (muscles contracted).

5. Having to be aware of possible changes of pace on the part of the horse favors the fine and coarse motor coordination, reflexes and motor planning.

7. It improves the perception of the body diagram and favors the acquisition of Laterality.

Psychological benefits

8. Being in contact with the horse favors confidence, self-control of emotions and also improves self-esteem.

9. It improves the concentration, the capacity of attention and, therefore, it has a positive impact on the memory.

10. That the animal is under our control helps an improvement in the capacity of attention and inculcates feelings like respect and responsibility.

11. It provides new knowledge.

12. It favors the location in space and time.

“The horse is an equalizing element (there is no difference between a healthy rider and another with a disability) which favors a release of patient constraints,” added the professional, and closed: “This coupled to all the qualities that we have mentioned Previously it makes it a complete sport ideal for everyone. “

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